Manuals and Standards


Sandblasting standard photo 128

● Standard photo of blasting standards includes Swedish, British and American standards.
● Complies with: ASTM D2200, BS 7079 - A1,
ISO 8501 - 1, SSPC-VIS 1 - 01.

PANTONE color ticket 6310

● Easy to carry color tickets, often used in the graphic design industry, print output industry, and other related industries.
● This product contains two groups of glazing and no glazing, each group contains 1,114 PANTONE® single-color tickets.
● The latest version includes RGB (red, green, blue) three primary color indicators to match the color comparison on the screen.
● The color ticket can search for colors in RGB and CMYK systems, so designers are much more convenient when looking for color.

FITZ'S poor coating demonstration

● Defective coating demonstration shows the possible causes of possible poor coating and possible solutions.
● More than 180 photos let users quickly understand the painting project and precautions.

RAL color ticket 6210

● RAL color tickets have a history of more than 70 years.
● Use in pan-Europe.
● DIN compliant.

Painting engineering personnel inspection manual

● The coating engineering inspection manual covers protective coating inspection, application, materials, enthalpy, and corrosion theory.
● Approved by the British Corrosion Association.
● Full color printing.

Visual comparison manual

● Visually compare the manual full color small manual.
● Covers the good and bad examples of painting, and explains the causes of the accompanying.
● Suitable for coating specification, report writing, and acceptance comparison.

Macaws pipeline poor demonstration

● Description of the poor pipeline demonstration of high pressure steel pipe and coating 及 and possible solutions.
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